Motherhood Rooted Retreats!

We have been dreaming about this! A full weekend to retreat together. 


  • October 20-22
  • Joshua Tree, CA

This weekend will consist of a mix of guided activities and relaxation. We will of course have circle! And tea… 

About The Retreat Space

Camp Joshua is a 40acre, private retreat space in beautiful Joshua Tree, CA. It is located 1 mile from Joshua Tree Village and 3 miles from the national park. Features include hot tub, 9 hold frisbee golf, archery range, polo sculpture field and hiking. This gorgeous and remote home is the perfect place to retreat in peace and laughter.

Rooming Options:

Pricing below includes all lodging, food, and activities for the weekend

Shared Bed: $650

Private Bed, Shared Room: $850


We have limited amount of private beds available.

If you would like to share a bed with someone in particular, please let us know!