“Joining the postpartum circle was the best thing I did for myself as a new mom. So many resources for new parents are geared towards their baby, that the mother’s well being is often an afterthought. Taking care of myself allows me to take better care of my baby, and carving out this time to meet with other women has been deeply restorative. April and Sylvia lovingly hold space for you to share and connect with the other women in a beautiful and welcoming environment. I will forever be grateful for the tribe of mothers that has been cultivated through these circle gatherings”. – Elyse


“Joining the postpartum circle was THE BEST decision I made for my postpartum self care and new mom support! This group has completely changed my experience as a new mom – in terms of social support and postpartum info/knowledge. Sylvia and April have created and fostered a really special and unique community of new moms that I needed and hoped for but didn’t know how to find. They are both a wealth of knowledge about all things baby and postpartum care and so incredibly warm and supportive. They have made each of us feel so accepted and empowered and answered every question with resources and encouragement. I have loved having a weekly retreat that is focused on me and a chance to connect with other moms and my only regret is that the 8 weeks have gone by so fast, but I am now set up with a whole group of new friends and future play date partners. I really cannot express how grateful I am for this group and Sylvia and April or how highly I recommend this group to any mom with a new baby.” – Hannah


“This group has been my beacon of light this past month and I’m already getting anxious/sad about it ending! I feel like I have mom friends now and I thought I would never find them in this big ole metro LA area. Things I’ve been loving: Mindfulness meditations/body scans/ breathing at beginning/end of gatherings. Social opportunities to get to know everyone and their families. Delicious treats and tea at circle gatherings. Weekly check-ins on WhatsApp. Having two very knowledgeable and extremely kind and thoughtful doulas facilitating this intentional space.” – Anna