A Deeper Community 

Seeds of Motherhood is open to anyone who had a baby within a year from the start date. We meet weekly on Monday’s from 6:30-8:30pm at a private residence in Pasadena. 


Honoring Matrescence

Led by two doulas, these circle gatherings offer the opportunity to explore the experience of matrescence, where this is your first of third baby. Each circle offers time to share, connect, and participate through guided discussions and activities. 


Find Your Village

These circles are limited in number of participants to create an intimate community of mothers. In addition to the weekly gatherings, we also host social gatherings with families and educational gatherings with professionals from the community. 



Seeds of Motherhood

 Seeds of Motherhood is a postpartum circle series designed to build community and support your journey through Matrescence. Our intention is to build real and meaningful connections amongst mothers, so that you leave this series with a true sense of a village. 

Our weekly circle gatherings include a mix of open sharing, discussion, meditation, art and music activities. This space is for you to attend to your own wellness and to build friendships with other mothers. 

Each circles series is unique based on the people who attend, however some of the themes we cover throughout the 8 weeks are:

  • Transition through Matrescence
  • Releasing Mom Guilt
  • Finding Balance
  • Intimacy and Relationship Changes
  • Finding New Identity 
  • Reparenting/Conscious Parenting
  • Shifts in Family and Friend Relationships 
  • Self Love/Self Care
  • Mindfulness and Slowing Down in Motherhood
  • Birth Story Sharing/Witnessing

We will welcome you each week with open arms, fresh baked goods and tea, and a safe space to just be you. 

This group has completely changed my experience as a new mom – Sylvia and April have created and fostered a really special and unique community of new moms that I needed and hoped for but didn’t know how to find.” – Hannah

  • Next round of Seeds starts Monday, September 9, 2024. Last circle will be October 28, 2024. 
  • Every Monday from 6:30-8:30pm for 8 weeks
  • Additional social gatherings to build community throughout 8 weeks
  • Exchange: $375
  • To register, please complete the form below and complete payment